Why are we doing this?
Bahrain life started as a bit of a side project. As a professional photographer Phil had to please the client. There had to be something more to photography. He wanted to go back to simple storytelling of the people I came in contact with everyday in Bahrain. The people who we did not see or choose not to see. This multi-cultural, multi-faith country population of a little over one million, nearly five hundred thousand were expatriates.

What are we aiming to achieve.
After 12 months of taking photos nearly every day, Bahrain life continues to evolve. It was clear there was more to be done. It has been a fascinating journey. The aim is to build a national archive of images of Bahrain at the start of the 21st century. Not just the streets, to explore Bahrain society, the multi-culture, the sports, the food, the religions, its life.

Can you use the images.
All the images are owned in full by Phil Weymouth and international copywriter law applies to image reproduction. If you wish to use images or purchase images for commercial or private use please contact us and we will be happy to assist.