Feb 2017   After nearly a month of using this camera, it has to be one of the best cameras I have had. There will always be a need for the big Nikons, at air shows, sports events etc, but for the day to day work, the X-Pro2 is great. For a start just the weight, I’m 55 years old I have been carrying around 2 house bricks for over 25 years and I’m sick of it.The Fuji is a nice way to work, its discreet for a start. All the photographers around me have to have the biggest gear, big flash etc. My subjects seem much more relaxed when I’m not shoving a big camera in their face. Maybe because they don’t think I’m a professional photographer.That’s a good thing.


I like the weather proofing, in the land of dust this is a real plus.


January 2017  The new X-Pro 2. It had been a long wait due to the big demand for this gem of a camera. I had seeing nothing but good news about it and now have it in my hands, feels great. Thanks again to Fuji Bahrain who have been supporters of Bahrain life from the start. So tomorrow it will be out of the box and start shooting



fullsizerenderDec 2016 – For the last three years Bahrain Life has been working away to show a different side of Bahrain. Fuji Bahrain have backed the project by supplying camera equipment. The Fuji X-E2 At first with the 35mm -1.4 lens and then a 18mm -1.2 Both prime or fixed lenses. The transition for large DSLR to this was not easy, a challenge and took a bit of time to get confortable to the new system. Now I would not go back, the sized and weight just makes life easier for the type of work I am doing for Bahrain life. Im sure it is less intimidating for my subjects as well. Im not easy on camera gear, working in heat, rain and dust. This little gem of a camera has held up to some rough treatment and still going strong.