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About Phil Weymouth
Originally from Melbourne Australia, Phil’s family moved to Tehran, Iran in late 1968. Those formative years in Iran were full of adventure. The dreaded ‘family outings’ that were part of his childhood included snow skiing and mountain climbing in the Alborz mountains, road trips through most of Iran and driving from Tehran to Kabul in the early 1970s. It was during his trip to Kabul that his father, Keith, gave Phil one of his old cameras. There is no doubt that this education and these experiences encouraged Phil to choose photography as his profession.

The 6th of January 1978 was spent in the back of an RAAF Hercules transport plane, when Phil and his family we evacuated from Iran. The C130E landed at Bahrain airport several hours later and the Weymouth family checked into the Holiday Inn (now the Crown Plaza Hotel). On returning to Australia, Phil studied photography and worked as a jackaroo (farm hand), tree surgeon and ski mechanic. He returned to Bahrain to work as a photographer for a small PR company for three years before returning to Australia again to try and get a job with a newspaper. It took five years. During that time Phil worked as a chauffeur, ski instructor and taxi driver.

Phil’s press credentials
As a photographer for Rural Media in Victoria, Australia, Phil spent many years covering agricultural stories for the newspaper, Stock and Land, driving thousands of miles to capture images of some of Australia’s most diverse environments and interesting characters. He then started his own freelance photographic business and was commissioned by some of Australia’s largest media organisations, including News Ltd, and several press agencies, such as Bloomberg News and Getty Images. Phil was then offered a job with travel publisher, Lonely Planet, as a photo editor and photographer with Lonely Planet Images, producing books on Hong Kong, Shanghai, Dubai, Istanbul and Kyoto.

Why Phil lives in Bahrain
After several years of travelling for Lonely Planet, Phil decided it was time to settle down. He returned to Bahrain, got married and now lives near Budayia Village with his wife, daughter, three dogs, and a turtle called Buster. Bahrain has been home for the last nine years.

Streetlight Media
Streetlight Media was established in Bahrain in 2013 with Phil’s wife Nikki. It supplies images to many of Bahrain’s major businesses and corporate events.

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